Motorcycling Hand Gestures and their meanings

Although motorcycle hand gestures are something that most riders learn as part of their motorcycle license exams, often they are forgotten and not used when actually needed. For example, if another motorist cuts you up, is on the phone or generally driving in a selfish and oblivious manner which could be detrimental to your health, then communication between bikers and other motorists via hand signals are critical towards staying safe at all times.


Motorcycle Left Turn

Pull over is an invitation to a severe bollocking from an angry biker by the road side in order to determine who was at fault, this is sometimes accompanied by sharp increases in revs from the engine.



Motorcycle Right Turn

I’ll box the head a ya  A clenched fist indicates to other motorists that you are now quite angry, upset and willing to beat people up for their stupidity and misbehaviour on the public road.




Ya bender A derogatory signal often aimed at motorists who lock their doors and want to avoid confrontation, it calls into question their very masculinity which can sometimes be offensive.



Motorcycle Speed Up

WTF dude? A show of dismay, often aimed at people much bigger than you who could possibly gain the upper-hand in a road-side wrestle or fist fight, but shows you are unwilling to let it slide none the less.



Motorcycle Slow Down

Tentative ‘pull over’  Half-hearted gesture to make you feel better but secretly in the hope that they wont pull up, often directed towards truck drivers and foreigners about whom it is difficult to ascertain if they could be > 6ft4 in stature.



Follow Me

No problem Often follows an acknowledgement by the other road user, usually a popular & well-known neighbour with a nice daughter, that they could have inadvertently killed you, none the less you’d rather not labour the point because they waved a kind gesture which made you feel a lot better.



Motorcycle You Lead Come

You Brainless Cunt, pull over Attempts to breathe slowly while maintaining composure with people you shouldn’t really beat the shit out of, such as pensioners, women and priests, but would rather engage in a stern talk and re-educate them on the consequences of their actions.



Motorcycle Road Hazard

Pull over for a kick up the hole A half hearted signal for other motorists to express dismay at their behaviour while exercising restraint with synchronised knee movements in an up the hole fashion.



Motorcycle Single File

Winner Alright First Biker to the post while slowing down from a Hoolie run in order to let the group of ensuing riders know who won a tightly run contest, an informal and unwritten expression of glee and triumph at being quite talented & clever.



Motorcycle Double File

Hafta Shite Pulling in for a number 2 – an urgent message expressing the need to evacuate ones bowels at the nearest available lavatory and opportunity, usually follows an excessively high speed run and ‘close call’ with other traffic that could have went pear-shaped in spectacular fashion.



Motorcycle Comfort Stop

G’on y’wanker  Poking fun at another motorist, usually a BMW driver or boy-racer who thought he were fast but took umbrage at your shockingly quick overtake and exhibition of real speed, with a flashing of lights or blowing their horn in scornful protest & disbelief.



Motorcycle Comfort Stop

Itchy Nose completely forgetting you had a helmet on while attempting to scratch or pick your nose thru the visor, usually an involuntary movement while waiting at the lights after being distracted by hot totty and nonchalantly assessing possible escape routes from your immediate playground.



Motorcycle Turn Signal On

Frozen hands Attempts to increase blood-flow and circulation with rapid hand movement and finger articulations while riding through the winter months with shyte gloves, no heated grips, early onset of arthritis and fingers being frozen solid.



Motorcycle Pull Off

Hail Hitler A pursuing Garda’s gesture often synonymous with a misunderstood Austrian who allegedly introduced 6-million Jews to Zyklon B during a WW2 roadside breath-test, do you risk pulling over to be turned into soap and your skin draped over a lamp-shade ? me neither, pin it.



Motorcycle Cops Ahead

Dick Head Enlightens a fellow muppet road user in no uncertain terms as to their propensity and footing on the richter scale of wankerism during the course of their conduct on a public road, the head being the highest point articulates a not inconsiderable misdemeanour often caused by, but not exclusive to ‘suits’.



Motorcycle Fuel

‘Sup Bitches Attempts to looks like you’re just casually relaxing while riding a noisy piece of shit down a busy street, esp. when there are impressionable females present and you’d rather not be regarded as a go-go power-ranger, usually undertaken when you’ve not got laid or had any attention for several weeks.



Most motorcycle hand signals are fairly intuitive, especially when combined with appropriate body language; however, new riders may be confused upon first seeing them.

Helmet noise

Helmet noise

Besides the usual ear plugs and neck rolls to block wind noise anyone got any insights on how to improve noise on motorway/ long spins



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Donington BSB: Fores on the Fireblade is smiling again after triple podium

Donington BSB: Fores on the Fireblade is smiling again after triple podium

Spaniard Xavi Fores has revealed that he’s smiling again after racking up three Bennetts British Superbike podiums, despite wheel spin woes that he admits limited his pace.

And Honda Racing’s leading man believes this weekend’s round, where he bagged three podiums on the trot, could be a turning point for his season.

Fores led both of today’s races before being deposed by winner Scott Redding as the Fireblade pilot fell into a three-way battle with Tarran Mackenzie and double third-place man Tommy Bridewell.

And while he feels the factory Honda squad made significant progress this weekend, he knows he now needs to keep the momentum going.

“I expect some tough fights this weekend because I didn’t feel quite good on the bike when we arrive here,” Fores revealed. “We worked really hard on the bike to have the setup that permits me to be fast and constant on my laps. Especially in this last race I felt a little bit worse, especially on the apex.

“I had so much spin and I was trying to manage that situation with throttle, trying to be more smooth.

“I did some laps with Tarran fighting for second place and Scott was going. When I overtake him for the last time I was pushing so hard in order to get some gap, but it was not enough to catch Scott because he was so fast and no mistakes from him.”

Fores is looking up as the series heads to Brands Hatch and believes his points haul from Donington, which puts him fifth in the title chase, is more like a victory.

“This race in second position feels like more than a win for me with all the job we did inside the box. After the results at Oulton Park I didn’t expect three podiums in a row.

“We did a really good job during the whole weekend and fighting with the Ducatis and Yamahas shows we have good potential.

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Planning a Euro trip

Planning a Euro trip

Myself and a mate are planning a Euro trip in September and this is what we have so far.

The total distance is 3,300km over 2 weeks. It’s still rough and we’re looking at areas to shave off and places to spend an extra night or so and to chill out. Anyone any input, perhaps places we should consider etc.

The times and mileage are taken from Google Maps and don’t include rests or lunch stops. Again this is just rough. I do wonder if we are trying to fit too much in

Sunday 8th – Day 1

Dublin – Cherbourg

Monday 9th – Day 2

Vierville – Versailles (overnight)

271km – 4hrs 34

Tuesday 10th – Day 3

Versailles – Strasbourg (overnight)

485km – 8hrs

Wednesday 11th – Day 4

Strasbourg – Zurich (overnight)

215km – 3hrs 42

Thursday 12th – Day 5

Zurich – Innsbruck (overnight)

274km – 5hrs 19

Friday 13th – Day 6

Innsbruck – Berchtesgaden

154km – 2hrs 36

Berchtesgaden – Zell Am See (overnight)

77km – 1hr 13

Saturday 14th – Day 7

Zell Am See – Bolzano (overnight)

237km – 3hrs 32

Sunday 15th – Day 8

Bolzano – Stelvio Pass

103km – 2hrs 9

Stelvio Pass – Domaso (overnight)

134km – 2hrs 27

Monday 16th – Day 9

Domaso – Milan (overnight)

109km – 2hrs 44

Tuesday 17th – Day 10

Day in Milan (overnight)

Wednesday 18th – Day 11

Milan – Mont Blanc

240km – 4hrs 23

Mont Blanc – Geneva (overnight)

91km – 1hr 19

Thursday 19th – Day 12

Geneva – Orleans

489km – 7hrs 29

Friday 20th – Day 13

Orleans – Cherbourg

394km – 5hrs 46

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Isle of Man TT: 'The perception is we're crazy, maybe we are' – Hickman

Isle of Man TT: ‘The perception is we’re crazy, maybe we are’ – Hickman

Isle of Man TT lap record holder Peter Hickman says riding the Mountain Course is “all calculated” despite the perception that “it’s all a bit crazy”.

Hickman set a new circuit benchmark of 135.542mph in winning the Senior TT last year, having triumphed in the Superstock class earlier in the week.

“You’re in your zone – you know what you’re doing,” said the 32-year-old.

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“From the outside it looks mental, more dramatic, but when you’re on your bike it doesn’t seem that way.”

“The perception is maybe we’re all a bit crazy and maybe we are just a little bit,” added the Burton-on-Trent rider.

“So many people say ‘one minute you’re there chatting about what you need to do and where you need to go faster and the next minute you’re doing 185mph going down Bray Hill’.”

Hickman’s flying final lap saw him edge out long-time leader Dean Harrison to take victory in the blue riband event of last year’s races but the double TT winner believes it could have been even faster had he not been held up by some slower riders.

“I got held up on that 135mph lap – when I watched the lap back I surprised myself how many people I actually catch and have to pass.

“I was quite patient with a lot of them as well. You have to be. It’s not a short circuit – you can’t just bully your way past. You have to be a lot more thoughtful of everything around you.

“Not much comes close to riding round the TT, never mind setting a lap record and taking my first TT wins. It was epic all round.”

The Lincolnshire rider will compete for the Smith’s Racing team for the third successive year, piloting the new BMW Superbike and Superstock machines, as well as a Supersport Triumph and a Norton in the Lightweight Supertwins.

He has finished fourth and fifth in the British Superbike series over the last two years but has successfully transferred his talents to the roads.

“BSB is a completely different style of riding. We still ride 100% at the TT – it’s just a different style of riding.

“In BSB you are absolutely on the limit, close to crashing every single corner, and if you aren’t you will have four people come up the inside of you.

“At the TT you’re not racing other people – you’re racing yourself and you’re racing the track, so because of that you’ve got room and space to ride it but differently.

“I come to the TT because I enjoy it and I want to do it. I want to ride a bike, have fun and go and do 160mph wheelies down a road and pull some big skids.

“The by-product of that is that we’ve managed to win some races. It’s not the ‘be-all and end-all’ for me. Of course I want to win but I’m here to enjoy myself and have fun and I think that’s why it works for me so well. I don’t over-think the thing.”

Source: Isle of Man TT: ‘The perception is we’re crazy, maybe we are’ – Hickman

ktm 690 smcr engine rattle.

ktm 690 smcr engine rattle.

Noticed a rattle the other day on the bottom end sounds like crank bearing has shat itself.

checked the cam chain tensioner and looked at the valves ,all seems ok that side

who would be handy with ktms and well able to split open the engine and see whats going on for me?


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