Motocross Experience in Portugal

Motocross Experience in Portugal

Hi, I am going to Portugal and want to do a day of motocross/dirt biking.

I have found the perfect kind of thing on the island of Madeira (perfect as a licence is not necessary).

Anybody know of similar type thing on mainland Portugal?

I will be in Porto and Lisbon area, but could go south too for it. See link of example in Madiera:

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middle aged returning biker questions

middle aged returning biker questions

im 44 and have had a full bike licence since 1996, havent had a bike in the last 10 years, kids wife etc etc so i have 0 ncb.
ive had a read through a few threads/forums etc and seen insurance seems to be all over the place, ive seen anything classed as sports or with R in the name is pretty much a no go until you have some decent ncb`s built up.

i prefer cruiser style bikes over sports bikes, i have had sports bikes in the past, they just dont do it for me anymore.
as we have next to no online insurance quotes and when their is you have to have every detail, including what your dear old grannys false teeth were made from, then they ring you up constantly and you dont even own the bike you were wondering what the insurance would be like….
i live extremely rural in west cork.

bike would be garaged etc etc

what would be a good starting back out bike (in your opinions)
something i could insure that wouldnt be more expensive than the bike.

what sort of CC do insurance companys start saying nope at?

would i be best to get a smaller CC bike and look a plum for a year until i have a years NCB built up?

whats it like with restoring or doing work on your own bike do you need engineers certs? (asking as i restored a land rover and stupidly told broker so, that i had done the work myself, so had to get a engineers cert.. ive also restored a few bikes)

Thanks in advance

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Daytona shoutout

Daytona shoutout

Hi All,

I had a brainfart in my garden and dropped my gs as i was pulling away. Hit the ground on my right side fracturing my arm and my ankle. So now i have a right arm sling and a medical boot on my right foot. Crutch in the left hand has me unbalanced as f*%k 🙂

But considering 150+kg landed on my leg and all i have is a fracture and lots of bruising biggup daytona boots

My rst ventilators did a solid job of protecting shoulder elbow etc My arm fracture was in an area without padding 🙂

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Bike mechanic

Bike mechanic

Im looking for a decent place to get two small jobs done
Fuel sensor replaced and kick stand cut out switch
City spares who I would always use are too busy for next few weeks

2008 Honda Hornet 600

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Garda Patroling Finglas on KTM 790 Adventure

Garda Patroling Finglas on KTM 790 Adventure

Two Garda Motorcycle cops seen riding around the Finglas area, one a KTM 790 with a small Garda sign on the bike and the other on a normal Garda Motorcycle.

Having had my own KTM Duke 182D stolen from the drive at 04.30hrs in Feb, I’m delighted to see them, hopefully it will be a game changer.

After 2850 euro in damage done and they didn’t even start the bike, I hope it will put some of the yahoos off in the future. I found my bike in Dunsink tip head at 20.00hrs same day hidden in some trees.

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Motorcycle Live 2019 – no longer F.O.C for RoI visitors….

Motorcycle Live 2019 – no longer F.O.C for RoI visitors….

so, the greed has set in, and Motorcycle Live is no longer giving free access to the show for foreign travel visitors (which, lets me honest, is mostly Irish…).

£10 to get in.

It’s not the £10, it’s the principle. Irish visitors spend a lot of money at the show, going to the show, and staying over as well. I ended up buying a new bike in the UK as a direct result of their test rides, last year.

Very short sighted of them, given the hari-kiri they’re committing on 31st October as well.

If you’re minded to, drop them a message via their FB page:

Meanwhile, EICMA in Milan is just as accessible and only marginally more expensive. Time to spread our wings a bit ??

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