Helmet noise

Helmet noise

Besides the usual ear plugs and neck rolls to block wind noise anyone got any insights on how to improve noise on motorway/ long spins



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Planning a Euro trip

Planning a Euro trip

Myself and a mate are planning a Euro trip in September and this is what we have so far.

The total distance is 3,300km over 2 weeks. It’s still rough and we’re looking at areas to shave off and places to spend an extra night or so and to chill out. Anyone any input, perhaps places we should consider etc.

The times and mileage are taken from Google Maps and don’t include rests or lunch stops. Again this is just rough. I do wonder if we are trying to fit too much in

Sunday 8th – Day 1

Dublin – Cherbourg

Monday 9th – Day 2

Vierville – Versailles (overnight)

271km – 4hrs 34

Tuesday 10th – Day 3

Versailles – Strasbourg (overnight)

485km – 8hrs

Wednesday 11th – Day 4

Strasbourg – Zurich (overnight)

215km – 3hrs 42

Thursday 12th – Day 5

Zurich – Innsbruck (overnight)

274km – 5hrs 19

Friday 13th – Day 6

Innsbruck – Berchtesgaden

154km – 2hrs 36

Berchtesgaden – Zell Am See (overnight)

77km – 1hr 13

Saturday 14th – Day 7

Zell Am See – Bolzano (overnight)

237km – 3hrs 32

Sunday 15th – Day 8

Bolzano – Stelvio Pass

103km – 2hrs 9

Stelvio Pass – Domaso (overnight)

134km – 2hrs 27

Monday 16th – Day 9

Domaso – Milan (overnight)

109km – 2hrs 44

Tuesday 17th – Day 10

Day in Milan (overnight)

Wednesday 18th – Day 11

Milan – Mont Blanc

240km – 4hrs 23

Mont Blanc – Geneva (overnight)

91km – 1hr 19

Thursday 19th – Day 12

Geneva – Orleans

489km – 7hrs 29

Friday 20th – Day 13

Orleans – Cherbourg

394km – 5hrs 46

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Insurance full disclosure?

Insurance full disclosure?

Alright lads, Just wondering when getting an insurance quote and you get asked “does your bike have any mods” how do you answer? and has it affected the quote/price? I’ve always said “No” to the question even though every bike I’ve had has had at least an after market exhaust.

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James Cowton Inquest

James Cowton Inquest

So it was all. down to an electrical connection coming loose going to the kill switch. .Power was switched off coming into a bend.

Kawasaki stated that they had never heard of such.a thing happening before.

What a tragic accident to a young man who was on the up before this tragedy at last year’s Southern 100 .

I had just left the area myself .moments before the crash. to be honest’I found that section of the course hard to watch.

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Who stocks sidi boots

Who stocks sidi boots

As above folks any shops have a decent stock of sidi boots anymore. Been to a few places with no sign of anything other than boots I don’t want :lbhbh: would rather shop locally than online but not much of a choice.

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