Can you even enjoy bikes anymore?

Can you even enjoy bikes anymore?

Gestapo c***s everywhere now, they love to camp in speed changing zones such as 80 to 60 and are everywhere now solving the biggest problem the world has ever seen: speeding.

It takes the smallest twist of throttle in the lower gears to end up in court with a possible ban for “dangerous driving”

Fuck that life, I’d imagine the 90s and early 2000s were much better time. As the time goes on, there are more and more restrictions and control which the population is happy to oblige with as it “saves lives”

Everyone on the bike speeds and I guess it is not as bad as UK yet though where they spend massive amount of resources trying to catch someone doing 100mph+ from a video posted online but it is getting there.

Look at their twitter, the sad c***s only post about how they caught them speeders and are going to punish them and you’ll find nothing else. Oh there is a few posts about not paying taxes and not having insurance as well. They flout their new speeding guns showing their amazing technology which will help the country get rid of its speeders. What a time to be alive, watch your back everytime you go out and make sure never to go above 120 because c***s are even on motorways now.

Everytime I’m out I’m focused more on watching out for d***heads hiding in the bushes than focusing on the road because I’m going over the limit.

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