May 19, 2020

Riding back from UK legality

Riding back from UK legality

Will go to UK soon to collect a bike. Around 200 mile journey. Insurance is not a problem. The bike is taxed and has MOT, however I was reading one of the unmentionable forums and found this:

“Sellers insurance is immaterial from a cover point of view. But, as all vehicles are tracked by ANPR, if you pass an ANPR camera car it will flag as uninsured and you’ll be pulled over on the spot. You produce your own (Irish) insurance (and they’re still in the EU, so it is valid) and you should be OK except for. ……….once you do a change of ownership is done in the UK, the tax automatically lapses. So you (might) get pulled for tax. Which, in the UK, they can seize the vehicle for….”

I honestly would prefer to ride the bike back myself if possible but I do not want to run the risk of the bike getting seized. Can anyone clarify?

Source: Riding back from UK legality