Cookstown 100 advice

Cookstown 100 advice

I am thinking of traveling up in the cage on Sat morning, so I think to get there early I might have to leave Dublin at 6am to get there before roads close.
Ive looked on the Cookstown site and Ive read a couple of articles, but Id really appreciate advice from folks that have done exactly the same trip, such as – 1.have i allowed sufficient time for travel to get to a good spot, vantage spot, because ive heard you cannot walk from corner to corner in-between races

Cheers in advance

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Massive insurance problem

Massive insurance problem

Hi, I’ve called Adelaide, MCE and Carole Nash and any of them would insure me. They won’t insure someone who hasn’t been living in Ireland for at least 3 years.

I have the option of going to the Declined Cases Committee of Insurance Ireland but I don’t know if that would be more expensive or if i would even be insured. Have anyone been in this situation?

If I lie to them, have they any chance of knowing when did I came here?

Help me guys, I can’t believe I can’t ride a bike.

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2 Day Meeting Jurby 11/12 April

2 Day Meeting Jurby 11/12 April
Dont forget,
That the Andreas Club are running there 2 Day Meeting this weekend,
Should be a good weekends racing,

And from a personal point of view,
My Nephew is out for his first race meeting, after doing his track licence at Brands a few weeks ago,
Hope he has a fun day out,
And stays safe and brings the bike home in one piece ! Lol

Good luck to all who are going up there,
And no doubt, They would love people to help out on the marshaling front !

Benjies Dad
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