3 bed house 3rd to 15th port erin

3 bed house 3rd to 15th port erin
Self catering modern 3 bedroom house available from wed 3rd June until 16th. Easy sleeps 5 located in Port Erin
Good size garage fit 3 normal bikes.
2 x double bedrooms
1 x single bedroom or kids room cot available

Every thing you need, bedding towels etc. Sky TV, internet, washer and dryer, garden with BBQ, lots of todler toys high chair etc if needed.
Could arrange for use of a car while you are here if needed.

Message me if you are interested or email  [email protected]
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Pre or post 2007 Z750?

Pre or post 2007 Z750?

Following on from my last which bike thread here, another bike’s caught my attention. The Z750 Kwak. There’s the pre 2007 model and the post. Anyone any experience of either or both? Uneducated opinions more than welcome also obviously.
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For Sale : Bros 400

For Sale : Bros 400

Bike Make : Honda

Bike Model : Bros 400

Year : 1991

Price : €950 ish

Mileage :56,000

Colour : Black & Orange

Extras : Stubby can, small number plate, small indicators, braided brake line on front.

Overall Bike Condition : Good

Tyre/Chain/Sprocket Condition : New chain, sprocket good.

Service History/Receipts/Recent Service work :

New clutch

New battery (today)

New chain and adjuster taken out and cleaned.

New fork seals and dust caps

New Carb inlet rubbers

Nearly new front tyre

Back tyre about 85%

Non Restricted/Shop Restricted/Factory Restricted : Non restricted

Bike Location : Kildare

Irish/English Registered : Irish reg

Any Other Relevant Info : Ad up on done dealio

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Jetting help!

Jetting help!

Right, I asked the question of identifying jets in my carbs in another thread so I thought best to start another one regarding changes.

Anywho, its a bandit 1200 mk2 model with 30k on the clock. Bike was running lumpy and had a bad flat spot between 3 and 4k. Bike had a slip on can and a K&N filter.

I took the can off and filter out and replaced both with standard.

Took carbs off and cleaned them ( wee bit dirty, explains the lumpyness but not the flat spot)
Checked all the settings, float height, neddle notch, diaphram etc all good.

The jets however had me confused. Standard jets are 15, 60, 100

the jets that were in there were 15, 60 and an odd main jet. the pilot and mid jet are the original mikuni as the have the markings on them but the main jet had just 98 marked on it, no mikuni marking.

This led me to believe than the main jet was changed to try and suit the k&n and can.

A quick cross reference shows a dynojet 98 jet is the equivalent to a 92.5 mikuni which could explain the flat spot and the bike running lean.

The needles are set to 3rd notch down which is standard.

So…. would going another notch down on the needles enrich the main jet to compensate and an extra tweak on the pilot screw work out for the better and solve my flat spot conundrum.

and no i’m not getting new jets, i want to solve it with what I have.

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