Motorcycle recovery/transport.

Motorcycle recovery/transport.

As some of you may know lads I’m a van courier myself. I won’t need to tell most of ye that a*** fell out of the courier industry a long time ago and now it’s getting to the stage of basically working for free.

After a chat with Chopper and a couple of others I’ve found that there seems to be a bit of a lack of dedicated motorcycle transport around these days.

I’m debating packing in the courier craic and professionally fitting out my van to transport two bikes at once including proper hydrolic loading ramps etc for the oul heavy cruisers.

Is there much demand for a dedicated transport service to and from your home to major bike shops or roadside recovery? I would.also be open to supplying a UK collection service subject to demand. Do most of ye have your own van or access to one?

Opinions please lads…

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handy tip dubs oils sparys and stuff

handy tip dubs oils sparys and stuff

little tip for yis , theres a wee motor factor type place , he doesent do bike oils , but chain lube , carb cleaner , easy start , wd40 , cable ties , all that s*** ,
and oil for the van or the cage ,

all chape as chips , at the back of guinness , market street south ,

tell him you read it here ,

big tin of wd40 4 euro etc etc , ill give ye an example , the transit needs some particular oil , think its 5/20 synth and special for ford and volvo , i recently paid 86 e with discount in a factors fo 2x 4 lt with discount , lad said hed do it for fiddy bucks :thumbsup2:

ill have a chat with him durin the week about getting a semi 10/40 bike oil in
if theres a few of us will buy ,

he doesent do filters etc , ,

when theres a line of taxis , its either a rank , or something cheap

tell him you read it here :thumbsup2:

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12 volt socket

12 volt socket

Hi lads,
I want to put a 12 volt socket on the bird.
Looking at powerlet items on the net wired direct to the battery and kept under the seat.
Anyone use any other brand or any thoughts on the subject
Thanks in advance
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