April 14, 2019

Senior Race VIP CHARITY Tickets

Senior Race VIP CHARITY Tickets

Once again, my friend has kindly been given two VIP tickets for the TT Senior Race.

These will be auctioned off with all the proceeds going to the Phil Hogg/Rob Vine Fund Rescue Ambulance. The tickets have a face value of £367.20 each. For details of the package, please see here:


(Tickets are for Friday 7th June)

This year, as with the previous three years, if the face value is exceeded, then the winning bidder will also be invited to attend any other race day to spectate from Ago’s Leap. This spot is strictly by invitation and not available to the public.
To be clear, the Ago’s Leap invitation is ONLY if the face value of the tickets is exceeded. If it isn’t reached then only the VIP tickets are won. In the three years that we’ve been doing this, the price has been exceeded and each winner has had a great time at both Ago’s Leap and the VIP Senior Race.

If you can only come for the end of Race Week, don’t worry, we’ll save your invite at Ago’s until TT 2020, so still get bidding!!!

Please send your bids to [email protected]

THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE TO BID as the tickets will be advertised in multiple places. Don’t make bids on Facebook pages as they may get missed.

NEW bidders end at noon on Sunday 19th May. However, anyone who is outbid on the morning of the 19th May will be offered a chance to increase their bid (‘going, going-gone’ style!) but they will need to be able to get those counter bids in within an hour of receiving an email from me. This is simply to avoid having people wait until the very last minute to bid, hoping there won’t be time for a response or someone being beaten at the last moment with no opportunity for a come-back.

I’ll update Facebook pages with new high bids and email the previous ‘outbid’ person to let them know when their offer has been exceeded, as we go along.

Full payment must be received, preferably by bank transfer/card payment to the charity’s account directly, before the 27th May.

If payment isn’t received (or a plan agreed) then I may contact the next highest bidder to offer them the tickets, in order to avoid ‘time wasters’.

Hopefully that is clear. Any questions, feel free to email me.

Please share this message on other pages or Twitter etc.

Happy bidding!

At the time of posting, Sunday 14th April, the leading bid is £400 for tickets with a £734.40 face value, so someone is currently on for a bargain! 

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