Sump plug ringed fazer 6

Sump plug ringed fazer 6

As above. I ringed the sump plug on my fazer 1999 600 while changing the oil. It’s found a new thread and got a good bite/tighten.

My question is, can I use an oil pump on these ? The one they use for cages. Would it work ?

I got a new sump plug off wii moto and it was pure shite.

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Uneven front brake pads?

Uneven front brake pads?

Checked my pads last night on the CB1000R after hearing metal on metal noise. The left front set as your sitting on the bike, outside pad was worn down to the metal & the inside one was about half worn. The one that was down to metal was also uneven from one side to the other. On the right side the inside one was worn more.

Hope this makes sense. Any ideas what is wrong here?


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R1- Handlebar conversion kit?

R1- Handlebar conversion kit?

Evening all :smileee:

Seeking some information regarding conversion kits available for the R1 (04). And if anyone has converted clip ons to handlebars on their Own bike or know of anyone who has..

Reason for doing so is the forward lean is too much for my wrist/ hands leaving them go completly numb after only a few miles..

I understand the R1 lean is around 37degrees so would be looking to reduce a fair bit..

I love everything about the bike and miss the time not spent out on it so I’d rather try get suitable conversion kit than to sell/ trade for upright position bike..

Sites I have been searching are,


Louis LSL

srtfactory (most expensive)

So I’d probably be looking for high risers with somewhat straight handlebar or handlebars with the ends higher than mid bar..

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts :thumbsup2: :bikerie:

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Lidl impct wrench

Lidl impct wrench

This week in Lidl they have two impact wrenches for not a whole lot of money. Im tempted especially after having to hire one recently.

electric impact wrench…rticleId=17489

cordless impact wrench…rticleId=17488

Has anyone got one of theses and are they worth buying?

Am very tempted by the cordless for practical reasons, I dont have a garage or shed so all work is done on the front drive. Easier not to be having extension cables all over the place

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Any know of a place doing this,can the likes of a polished alu frame/swingarm be brought back to a factory finish?

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No cranking amps

No cranking amps

Went to start the 916 yesterday and found the Motobatt battery had lost it’s amps. Had it on charge a couple of days prior to the start, plus twice over the course of the winter to keep it fresh. Hasn’t been cold either and the battery is new enough. I know a permanent float charge is better, but I’m still kinda pissed off. Reckon the original Yuasa was a damn sight more robust.

Anyone try to recover one of these batts?

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