Tyre size?

Tyre size?


Well after what seems like a very short number of miles, I need to get a new back tyre for the bike. (2016 KTM Superduke R).

OEM tyres are Dunlop Sportsmax Sportsmart 2’s. I’ve no experience of these.

The bike currently has Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SPs fitted and I like ’em. No issue with grip or feel. They warm up nicely. Typically, but not always, I go for a ride in dry weather conditions so not too bothered about how a tyre performs in the pissing rain.

My question is, OEM size for the rear is 190/55/Z17 but what’s on it at the minute is a 200/55/Z17.

Why fit a fatter tyre? What advantage if any is a 200 section over a 190? Should I go back to the recommended size? I haven’t really noticed any issue with handling on the current tyre.

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