Bridgestone T30 Review – Mondello Park Ireland GSXR1000 K8 & KTM

Bridgestone T30 Review – Mondello Park Ireland GSXR1000 K8 & KTM

I was on the GSXR1000, Cormac on the KTM, both on Bridgestone's new T30!, impressive touring tyre!

Just back from a session at Mondello Park Race track today and they're leagues ahead of the Michelin Road III's around there for side grip, the pilot's heat up and squirm around alot (same at last years TT) and could put you on your hole easily enough whereas the T30 (don't mind the S20/016 etc.) are predictable on the limit and give you plenty of notice with progressive slides which can be good fun backing into corners and then deliberately powering on way too early at the apex leaving darkies behind, they're just great craic and grip way more than any 'Sport Touring' tyre ever ought to.

Ron Haslam's crew are running them in the Superbike school in the UK now aswell and to be honest even if ultimate grip is less than more track focused BSB's/Dunlops etc. they're a seriously effective tyre for road use and the odd trackday and it'll be interesting to see what mileage I can get out of them.

Well impressed! – full review ;

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