Full Control – how to ride manual

Full Control – how to ride manual

Spotted this on another forum, I haven’t seen it mentioned before but it’s definitely worth a post because it’s really excellent.

It’s called Full Control, it’s a riding manual from the Norwegian Motorcycle Union. The English version of the book is freely available as a pdf here:


I watched Twist of the Wrist 2 a few weeks ago and some of it will be familiar from that but this is much more road focused and it’s from a European point of view. The whole thing is really practical and covers everything from the physics of cornering, to body position, to what’s going on in your head, to dealing with traffic, to weather, to touring and pretty much every situation you’ll deal with.

They should be handing out copies of this with the IBT because it’s a really great reference to have for anyone learning.
Not just for newbies either I’d say there’d be something in it for many experienced riders too.

I think it’s excellent anyway and well worth spreading the word.


Source: irish bikers