Bike Racing this year.

Bike Racing this year.
Don’t know about everyone else, but I think looking at the way MotoGP, WSK, BSB, TT etc is shaping up with teams/riders and bikes, this is going to be one cracking year for the racing.
Off to Cookstown this week before the TT next month, fingers crossed for the weather.
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Using a rear paddock stand single handed

Using a rear paddock stand single handed

Looks like my helper (son) isnt available for the next track day as he`s playing a gig and getting p***ed chasing dirty women the night before, and being a big girly wus who needs to eat more spuds, I`m not overly confident using my rear paddock stand on my own to throw the warmers on the big girl.

I really dont want to drop her.

Any tips/hints to avoid paddock embarrassment ?

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Double bubble screens… They all the same??

Double bubble screens… They all the same??

Myself and one of the lads got into a discussion(drunk) over the weekend about double bubble screens, I was saying there all the same as long as there a decent make, as in powerbronze, airblade etc where is he was full sure there all completely different even from the top brands…. Is he mad!?

Reason it came up is I’m getting one for the bike, was gonna get a powerbronze for €70 but can get an airblade for €65 so going with that!

Probably sounds ridiculous but ued be surprised how long it went on for, what do ya think, is it t** for tat? :bikerie:

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hazard warning lights

hazard warning lights

Was thinkin of getting one of them handlebar mounted jobbies but am slightly confused now…
Do i need a 2 or a 3 wire switch?
from what i picked up from mr. Google , ive to connect a wire to each side of the indo, and another wire to flasher relay…
Do i need to buy another relay and put it inline or can i use original…

Am i on the right road?
im usually good at electrics but theres alot of stuff up on gooe and i am absolutely useless at reading wiring diagrams…

Cheers in advance.

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